Ciclo de Conferências
Ciclo de Conferências
Preparação mental em tenistas
Mental preparation in tennis

Who are we?


The Adaptation, Performance, and Human Development Research Group (APHD-RG) aims to research several topics, all with a common denominator: understanding the psychological processes involved in adaption, performance, and development in different areas of human functioning.

  • Human Adaptation
    • Line 1. Stress and cognitive appraisal
  • Human Performance
    • Line 2. Psychological/life skills: Adults
    • Line 3. Leadership
  • Human Performance
    • Line 4. Psychological/life skills: Youths
    • Line 5. Exercise and health behaviors
    • Line 6. Youth sports participation



By adopting an "action-research" paradigm, the group developed the School of Life Skills (SLS). The SLS aims to offer the community a range of services derived from the theoretical and empirical indications from our research on life skills training. That is, the SLS proposes and tests intervention programs to promote life skills in different age groups and contexts.

The intervention areas focus directly on the research lines and are organized in the training of the following psychological and life skills:

  • Stress management
  • Motivation
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership


How the group works

In addition to working individually and in small groups focused on each specific project, members of the research group meet regularly to discuss research and intervention topics.
These meetings function as a platform to address various topics, such as discussing research data, analyzing and processing data, scientific writing, publication of scientific papers, and designing research and intervention programs.

Is it possible to join the group?

Yes, as long as there is an interest in the research group's common denominator: human adaptation, performance, and development.
If you are interested in any specific topic, please feel free to contact any member of the group.

More About Us

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What people are saying ...

Participating in APHD-RG and interacting with its team of researchers is a hallmark in my professional and personal education.
Altair Moioli

Altair Moioli


Congratulations for the way in which you use science to support your psychosocial interventions.
Armando Machado

Armando Machado

University of Minho - Portugal

Several years ago I had the opportunity to visit a research seminar sponsored by this research group and we exchanged ideas about how psychology can contribute to human development.
James Maddux

James Maddux

George Mason University - USA










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