The instruments provided by the Adaptation, Performance, and Human Development Research Group (APHD) are from two categories: (1) developed by the research group, and (2) adapted by the research group.

In the case of instruments adapted by the research group, permission was obtained from the original authors of the instruments to do the adaptation to the Portuguese language. However, there is no exclusivity in the use of the instrument by the APHD research group, and its use by others is free, as long as the authorship of the adaptation is respected in case of using a translated version provided by the research group.

Rules of use

  • The instruments are destined exclusively for research and “action-research” purposes. In the case of “action-research”, the use of the instruments is limited to professionals with specific training for this purpose. In this sense, we are not responsible for the incorrect or improper use of the provided materials.
  • The use of the instruments for commercial purposes, sale or advertising of other associated products is strictly prohibited.


  • It is not necessary to obtain authorization from the research group to use the instruments if the instruments are used for the described purposes.
  • If the instruments are an adaptation of original instruments of other authors, it is necessary to have the authorization of the original authors of the instrument when the purpose is to develop other versions of the instruments in a different language from the Portuguese translation.